Chase Sapphire Lounge

When: Monday, 7:30pm

My points and miles mania only struck in middle-age and now I’m a proud member of a Chase Sapphire Reserve card (and Amex Platinum, which is way too much) so I thought it would be fitting to extend this dorky hobby and have a drink at the temporary Chase Sapphire Lounge at the Seaport despite the location not being convenient in the least.

It turned out that it was the opposite of exclusive and anyone could order a plastic cup filled with frosé. Also, the initial bartender was kind of a dick (he gave us a look when we asked for a menu and said there wasn’t one, though there was). But there was a blue bowl of free chapstick with the Chase logo, so it all balanced out.

Was I carded? No, neither based on age nor Chase Sapphire card-holder status.

Age appropriate? Corporately sponsored open-air bars in tourist zones aren’t exactly the province of the young. I spied one grown woman singing along with the ‘80s tunes that ran the gamut from Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” to Psychedelic Furs’ “Love My Way.”

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