Barred: El Quijote


When: 5:30, Friday

Popped-up for a quickie gin and tonic pre-Olive Garden because who knows how much longer El Quijote will be around? Has there ever been a revamp that pleased old-timers and newcomers alike?

Older, dressed-up couple: “Can we have a booth? We came early.”

Maître’d: “Of course.”

Only two others were at the bar, including one woman, white hair pulled back and put together in a manner that can only be described as “smart.” Slim, pencil skirt, booties, she could’ve been 46 or 56. She didn’t eat her gratis tapa, a surprisingly good wedge of tortilla, or bread, which is, I suppose, how one maintains such straight, clean lines.

Was I carded? Nah

Age appropriate? That’s kind of the point.

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