Drinking in Vancouver B.C.

When: Saturday, 4:50pm

I love The Keg, a Canadian chain which was completely new to me. I wasn’t sure whether to characterize it as a casual steakhouse or a bar and its official name, The Keg Steakhouse + Bar, solves that problem nicely.

Age appropriate? Yes. Tom Petty and Carly Simon played and a trashed blonde in her 50s was talking to herself in the bathroom and didn’t stop on my account. “Tiger, tiger” she kept saying to the mirror and I half-hoped this was some Canadian form of the Bloody Mary game.

When: Saturday, 6:20pm

I have no idea why an Irish sports bar in Vancouver would be called The Bimini. This was a dude-heavy place and basketball was on TV in the main level (bars are so much larger in Canada than NYC) though there were three women in their mid-30s who looked vaguely Latina all wearing San Antonio Spurs jerseys.

Age appropriate? All Irish pubs are.

When: Sunday, 3:30pm

Steamworks is a giant multi-level brew pub right in Gastown, which abuts Vancouver’s answer to the Tenderloin and made for some amusing reviews of the Airbnb I stayed at. Large booths tend to be both family-friendly and middle-age bait

Age appropriate: Yep, I hadn’t seen so many 50+ women drinking in a room in recent memory. I chalked it up to the cruise ships in town (a taxi driver said that’s why the city was so crowded that weekend). The women next to me were definitely wearing resort wear, real Lilly Pulitzer or not, I don’t know.

P.S. I was in town the same weekend as that girl got pulled into the water by a sea lion and I have no idea if this was national news or just a big deal locally.

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