Gray Matters

Hot 2020 Trend: Going Gray

You heard it here first. Ever since everyone has been housebound, I’ve been bracing for the rash of going gray essays. (Don’t even get me started on bangs-phobia. Bangs are perfectly good–they’re not indicative of internal turmoil– and I won’t stand for any argument otherwise.)

Ok, one short essay, “Embrace the Grays,” doesn’t exactly count as a trend, but I’m afraid the floodgates are now open. I’ll bet a $1,200 stimulus check (that I won’t even be getting because I made too much money last year, thanks to a heavily taxed severance payment–never mind that I was let go from two jobs in 13 months and have been out of work for four months.) the Style section is already on the gray-haired beat.

This really should be my time to shine. I actually got bored and used semi-permanent dye to color my very silver hair some light brown plummy shade that I’m afraid looks bad ’90s like I’m out of touch with fashion. On the other hand, it could be read as good ’90s in that I’m a confident millennial reliving her teenage style. (Never mind that I was a grown-up in the ’90s.) I have yet to re-embrace babydoll dresses, chokers, or Docs, though. I know my limits.