Screen Time

I refuse to use the C word (no, not cunt) for Joan’s old friend, Kate, the Mary Kay saleswoman from Spokane, despite her insistence on visiting a tourist/teenybopper hangout to hit on the much younger waitstaff. It did lead to whisky-swigging in a cab and a night out on St. Mark’s at Electric Circus.

Would that be age appropriate for a 37-year-old like Joan (same as Christina Hendricks in real life) and Kate, played by Marley Shelton (39) whom I mistook as Heather Graham for a second? Perhaps, but Joan now looks comparatively matronly (but hot) with her dated up ‘do and girdle-requiring dress next to the girls with loose hair, pants, mini-dresses and go go boots.

As someone who at 10pm was still feeling the effects of the night before (no, I can’t drink eight drinks like I used to–do keep in mind that a 5pm-2am span means less than one per hour) I could relate to the twosome’s bed-ridden morning after. Good for them, whooping it up on a weeknight.

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