Screen Time

9 to 5


I mostly noticed this interview with Patricia Resnick, the “9 to 5″ screenwriter (who was only 26 at the time) posted on Facebook because this image is very relevant to my interests.

But then, I immediately wondered if any of these actresses were over 40 at the time since women–well, people generally–just had more mature looks in the ‘80s. (Practically everyone in my high school year book, which technically was class of 1990, looks 25.) And my perception is clouded by being a child during that decade. All adults seemed old. 

Dolly Parton, it turns out, was the only youngster (34). Lily Tomlin was 41 and Jane Fonda 43. 

It goes without saying that this film’s relevance 37 years later is kind of bleak. 

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