Screen Time

Cactus Flower

I caught the end of “Cactus Flower,” a late ‘60s movie that had eluded me to date when I was staying in a semi-suburban Airbnb. I happened to flip by during a party scene at what looked to be a T.G.I. Friday’s (the original swinging UES location) facsimile. It turned out to be called The Slipped Disc.

It caught my attention because there appeared to be a wide age range in attendance, from Goldie Hawn to Ingrid Bergman, who I was shocked to discover was 54. (Apparently, the role had been written for Lauren Bacall who was in her 40s at the time.)

I guess Goldie Hawn was Walter Matthau’s fiancee and he had lied to her and led her to believe Ingrid Bergman was his wife that he was leaving. She was not, and Ingrid Bergman caused a scandal when she started dancing with a young man and left with him. In fact, Walter Matthau scolded her, despite being engaged to  someone 25  years younger. “It’s disgusting,” he said.

I would interpret her retort: “I’m going to make up for the time I lost, and I’m going to keep on doing it” as empowered but it turns out they were in love with each other the whole time and I don’t really approve of all that subterfuge.

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