Barred: Beauty Bar

When: Wednesday, 8:37pm

Beauty Bar was a thing in my 20s, so maybe it perpetually appeals to 20somethings. As soon as I walked in and sat at the empty bar stool closest to the door, I realized I had made a mistake. It appeared as if I had walked into a sorority party, lots of white wine and shrieks, but maybe that’s a normal Wednesday night. 

Two nerdy men I had pegged for around 28 came after I did and were hovering for a seat. One said, “I haven’t been here since 2008″ as if that may as well have been 1908. 

Was I carded? No.The bartender was diligent about asking everyone else for ID, though.

Age appropriate? Not even close. I drank my beer as fast as possible and high-tailed it out of there. 

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