Barred: Night of Joy

When: Tuesday, some time after 2am
What did I drink? Three Brooklyn Lagers ($6)

If you’re anything like me, New Year’s Eve is rarely joyous so the best remedy is to approach the pseudo-holiday with very low expectations coupled with the promise of un-sensible quantities of liquor. Hence, Night of Joy, one of the neighborhood bars that was licensed to sell alcohol until 8am.

You might think that hearing The Vaselines and Orange Juice coming from a turntable on New Year’s Eve would temper any prickliness or apprehension at the passing of another year. And you would be correct–assuming the DJ wasn’t a 20something in a striped sweater and a gray wedge cut.  All of the musical and stylistic components were there, yet the age–and accompanying lack of self-awareness –canceled out any good will.

By 3:34am I was on my way home to drink a shot of Jim Beam and watch the scene from Eastbound & Down where Kenny  goes on a coke binge to Bauhaus and Shane dies during “Walk Like An Egyptian.” Happy new year!

Was I carded? I’m fairly certain there was a doorman performing due diligence.

Age appropriate? At this point does the question even need to be asked when concerning Williamsburg?

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