Screen Time

Screen Time: Gypsy

I’ve only watched the first three episodes of Gypsy yet there is already a plethora of middle-aged lady drinking and in all sorts of age-inappropriate venues that begins with a bourbon (Naomi Watts’ character asks for a chardonnay) in one of those weird cafe hybrids where I would never have a drink.

“Diana” also gets a drink spilled on her when she goes to see a barista’s show in a bar and shows up at a dance party in Bushwick.

Jean, her real name, takes her husband Billy Cruddup to some new bar she knows about that seems ok for 40somethings.

Diana is never presented as old or out of place, though her new lady friend mentions that she likes older women.  

P.S. The character has a hands-in-pants masturbating scene that clearly echoes Mulholland Drive.

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