Screen Time

Younger Redux

Season 5 of Younger, a rich source of “Screen Time” material, managed to slip through the cracks for me last year, but I was finally able to stream the show. It did not disappoint.

Watching it from Portland, though, I worried (just a bit) about how at some point I will no longer recognize NYC venues or have first-hand experience with au courant references.

Bar Pleiades

Liza: No weird hipster places where you have to walk through a fake barbershop to get to the bar.

Don’t worry, we’’ll go to one of your places.

Checking out the millennials

Lauren: Oh my god. I’m sorry, is this an assisted living facility? What are we doing here?!

Kelsey and Lauren leave and get a car to The Cock while Liza decides to go back into the bar. She sits next to the ogler.

Guy: I saw you and your friends making fun of me. I used to make fun of guys my age.

Liza: I’m 41.

The truth is freeing.