• Barred,  Middle Ages

    Because I don’t regularly read The Times’ Booming section, subhead Living Through the Middle Ages (yesterday’s piece, an evergreen that seems to pop up at least yearly, from a woman bravely going gray at 53 could’ve easily fit there) I only now discovered the series, “A Quiet Drink,” described thusly: “This feature presents bars and restaurants where one can have grown-up conversation over a good drink.”

    Sounds good in theory, though  I don’t require peace and quiet, just one other adult woman in the room. Shouting and juvenile chats? Fine, as long as there’s another female born in at least the ‘70s present.

    The photo for this week’s installment, Bar “21,” doesn’t fill me with hope.

  • Barred,  Middle Ages

    Once you hit 40, you forget to button your shirt up all the way.

    [F]emme fatale and twice-divorced grandma Jane Scher, 58, has a pretty good batting average during her four times per week visits here; she’s met three guys she’s dated “but no one I fell in love with. All my friends mingle here, but the girls — I’m talking women in their 50s — are loose.”

    Well…hello! When first conceiving my middle-aged mission, this is not what I had in mind at all. Sure, I suspected the Upper East Side would be more fertile than most parts of Brooklyn, and this is a bonanza. The glaring question remains, though–who’s going with me to Arlington Club?