• Barred

    Barred: Bar Below Rye


    When: Tuesday, 8:48pm

    What did I drink? Strictly Rhythm (Beefeater gin, Aperol, Dolin Dry, grapefruit bitters, Zucca) $11; two Bulleit bourbons on the rocks, price unknown.

    “Ghost! Just because I’m a potter doesn’t mean I like Ghost!”

    Bar Below Rye isn’t huge, and was lacking enough bodies to ensure a conversation-muffling din. Even over Cults, Sleigh Bells and Belle and Sebastian, bands that wouldn’t be out of bounds on a Brooklyn middle-ager’s Walkman iPod shouts traveled down the bar.

    Ghost? A one-named underground potter that I wasn’t enough in the know to identify? Before Jonathan Adler had a string of retail stores (and dishes I couldn’t resist on One Kings Lane) his name would pop up in media as a celebrity potter, so it was an entirely implausible evolution.

    Parsing, parsing…ah, Patrick Swayze was the impetus for the outrage.

    I suggested that enough time would eventually pass and new crops wouldn’t  be familiar with the movie, underestimating the millennial love of the ‘90s.

    “I’m under 30 and everyone still says it,” the potter lamented.

    Of course they do. And 23 years later Ghost is becoming a TV show.

    Ghost inevitably led to Ghost Dad, which again triggered talk of Ghost Dog.

    Age appropriate? Not in the literal sense, but the drunk and chatty vibe wasn’t exclusionary. Soon enough we’ll all be ghosts.

  • Screen Time

    Screen Time: American Horror Story

    american horror story

    Fiona is certainly not happy about her waning powers and increasing decrepitude, never mind that her hair is falling out in chemo-induced tufts. She may be supreme of the coven,  but she’s not immortal. (What’s Angela Bassett’s secret?)

    All said, I do appreciate that she’s out and about, drinking whiskey and martinis, despite always being the oldest woman in the bar. Unfortunately, that’s made her prey for the reanimated ghost of an axe murderer who’s been stalking her since she was a teenage witch.  All he had to do was call her “pretty lady.” It’s tough out there.