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It’s like looking in a mirror

If you read my newsletter–and you should–you’ll know that work, or the lack thereof has been on my mind lately.

I mean, being let go from two jobs in one year while 40+ (after buying a home in a supposedly affordable city with a mortgage 2x what you were paying in NYC) isn’t exactly living the dream.

That’s why, essays like the one below are infuriating in their obviousness. No shade on the author. I only mean the fact they need to be written over and over again.

A good workplace is one in which you can look around and see versions of yourself five years from now, or ten. But for women, this exercise in mirroring gets harder and harder as they push toward 40, and 50, and beyond — for the simple reason that older women with ambition don’t stick around. 

Why We Need Older Women in the Workplace