My Father’s Place

When: Tuesday, 7pm.

I was kind of shocked when I was reminded how I used to refer to My Father’s Place as “Cum On the Grill.” Only slightly because of the crude moniker, and mostly because I had completely forgotten I’d even used to call this seedy slice of Old Portland that still exists, a nickname at all. Twenty years away can do that to a memory.

On my second visit for old time’s sake, two young men were sitting at the bar while Dune was playing on the TV. One remarked how Billy Idol was on-screen, when it was clearly Sting. I don’t think I’ve had my old-lady feathers ruffled as hard since a different gentleman at a different bar called Burt Reynolds Tom Selleck as Canonball Run aired.

Age Appropriate: Hypothetically, yes. There is a bartender who has been working there since the ’90s, so she has to be early 40s now. I only know this because I was with a friend whose boyfriend at the time cheated on her with the bartender, which is funnier in your 40s than your 20s.